Moogambigai Metal Refineries (MMR) is a company focused in the manufacture of Aluminum alloys from scraps thereby recycling the otherwise environmentally harmful scrap wastes.

MMR is a part of the EMI & JC group of companies, specialized in the manufacture of lead & lead alloys as well as manufacture of plastic granules. In addition to the lead & plastic manufacturing industries, the group has recently stepped into the manufacture of aluminium alloys with a capacity of 350 MT per month with a scalability to increase production to 450 MT per month with more than adequate resources for further expansion.

Product Range

  • LM Series
  • AS9
  • ADC Series
  • YDC - 11
  • Alsi-132
  • HD2G
  • AC4B
  • HS - IS
  • Alloys are manufactured as per customers specification.
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